Facilitation Services

For the last 25 years, Peg and her colleagues at Facilitation Plus™ (the parent company of Meeting Tools and Jewels)  have worked with large and small businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and higher education institutions, helping them creatively address the roadblocks to success.

Their services assist you in two major areas:

Meeting Effectiveness

  • Do your meetings drag on and on?
  • Are they dominated by one person?

Many people consider meetings to be, at best, a necessary evil. Meetings often meander or run overtime. Some are dominated by one person while others are silenced by the presence of bosses, fear of being laughed at, or sheer frustration.

These meeting problems can be addressed and the meeting transformed into one that is not only efficient but also enjoyable.

Our consultants can turn meeting negatives into meeting plusses. We serve as facilitators for meetings, helping participants speak freely, managing the agenda, and ensuring meeting objectives are achieved.

More specifically, we can use our expertise in group creativity to help groups problem-solve effectively.

Also, we offer seminars to teach meeting management skills to individuals or teams or groups within an organization.

Creative Problem Solving

  • Have you run out of creative ideas?
  • Do you have a new challenge for which the old answers don’t work?
  • Do you need to fill the pipeline with new products or services?
  • Does your organization have an opportunity that you want to take advantage of?
  • Has there been a shift in the marketplace or economic environment that requires changes in your organization?
  • Would you like your staff to think creatively about a recurring problem or situation?

Our facilitators go beyond excellent meeting management. We help groups think in fresh ways. We create exercises that unlock the creative potential of your employees or colleagues. We work with your team to nurture new ideas and ensure implementation.

Our facilitators:

  • have a minimum of 20 years experience as professional facilitators
  • have studied the creative process
  • are skilled trainers in creative thinking and team building
  • can guide a group to creative ideas and innovative solutions
  • ensure that implementation happens

We can help YOU come up with new ideas that work.