Effective Meetings Need the Right Attendees

Are the Right People at Your Meetings?

When you arrange a meeting, make sure you invite the right people.  (And ONLY the right people since most meetings have more people in attendance than need to be there.)

Who are the right people? They should meet one or several of these criteria:

1.  Have expertise or experience in the topic(s) to be addressed

2.  Are responsible for implementing decisions made in the meeting

3.  Have influence within the organization as to the success of the results (they can make OR break the idea or decision)

4.  Can make valuable contributions to the quality of thinking in the meeting (perhaps he or she is very creative or skilled at summarizing discussions or understands the company strategy, etc.)

Are there other criteria you have found to be helpful in determining who should attend your meetings?  Mention them in the comments section below.

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