Add Energy and Drama to Your Meetings

Make Your Meetings Energetic

Patrick Lencioni, author of Death By Meeting, recommends that you add energy and drama to your meetings.  How might you add make your meetings more energetic and dramatic?

He recommends learning from movies that are interactive and engaging:

1.  Set a “plot” at the beginning of the meeting.  Lencioni suggests that participants need to be “jolted a little” during the first ten minutes of a meeting so they understand what is at stake.  So, you might highlight a competitive threat.  Emphasize the danger of making a wrong decision.  Appeal to the larger mission. Describe the impact on all stakeholders.

2.  Give participants a reason to CARE about the meeting and its consequences. Further, Lencioni points out that disagreements are natural and resolving them is what makes meetings productive, engaging, and fun.

Now that you know this new approach, ask yourself, “What, specifically, can I do to add energy and drama to my meetings?

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