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Whether you hate meetings, view them as a necessary evil, or love them (I find this hard to believe), this site will give you tips and techniques, ideas and insights, and tools and jewels to make  your meetings better.

You have been in many meetings – for work, school, clubs and more – so you know something about them.  Jump in with your comments or ideas and we can all learn from one another how to create effective AND enjoyable meetings!

Changing the world, one meeting at a time!

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Best Times to Meet

When To Meet?

Sooner or later, we are involved in the discussion of "when to meet".  Meetings held within your company can be easier to schedule than in non-business situations.  But not always.  I have worked in many organizations where the hardest part of the meeting was scheduling the next one! In order to have meeting participants in attendance, on time...

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Here are three short icebreakers to use in a variety of meeting situations:

  1. Ask people during introductions to share the usual info and then describe their favorite possession or food or vacation spot, etc.
  2. Have participants share what they could spend a year’s salary on if they were not careful and why.
  3. Play “Guess My Hometown” (or birth town or whatever). The individual shares a hint about the town but does not share the name. For example, share a famous person….

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