Meeting Tools and Jewels


Almost from the moment we are born, we are in and out of meetings. Meetings with family, with friends, with teachers or doctors, with sports teams or scouts or clubs. We learned a lot, consciously and unconsciously, about how meetings work through all those years.


But the meetings I write about are the ones we attend as adults. Or at least as people who can have an impact on WHAT is talked about and HOW it is talked about.


Most of us, in a work or school context, are in a lot of meetings and many of us consider meetings to be, at best, a necessary evil.  Frustration is the usual outcome.


This website and blog will address all these issues and many more. In fact, if you participate by offering meeting challenges you want to resolve or sharing solutions that have worked for you, then this site will be both enjoyable and effective: the goal for every meeting.